Saturday, November 14, 2015

Buying Used Vintage Dress at Pasar Senen

Almost all women will like shopping for vintage dress, including me. But,Is it includes shopping at a flea market? Well, I doubt that! Maybe people will wonder, "Oh, my God! You are going shopping for clothes at a flea market? Are you not afraid of skin disease due to wearing old clothes? Well .. who cares. During this time, I never itch though wearing vintage dress which I bought at a flea market.

Shopping for vintage dress at Pasar Senen
I was one of the fans used clothes shopping at flea markets, second hand market precisely located in Pasar Senen. Initially the beginning, when in college, because I studied in college secretary who requires to wear a skirt and shirt every day. At that time, mother took me to Pasar Baru which is located right on the Pasar Atomic floor 3. If you like buying camera accessories, you must know that place. Flea market layout was exactly one floor above the floor that sells the camera accessories. Beginning to come to work, I rather infrequently visited this Flea Market. One reason is lack of time and I've got my own money so they could buy new dress . Not means that now I can not afford to buy new ones, but more because of the satisfaction if you can get a nice vintage dress for wedding party with cheap price.

I used a vintage dress shopping to New Market, which has now been moved to Senen Market, located in Building Project Senen. This building once occupied by the Ramayana and Matahari Dept. Store. In the past, they were selling at the roadside, causing tremendous traffic jams, had also moved in the parking lot which is now a selling cakes dawn. Until finally now occupies two of the building.

One more thing that is exciting from Pasar Senen is the merchant is unique in hawking wares. With a sound capital taut while pulling the attention of buyers with rhymes and sometimes singing. Usually they like mentioning the artist's name as well, for example like this: Dress vintage on the table 5000. Julia Perez just shopping here.

How vintage dress prices at Pasar Senen?
Dress in the market price of the former is cheaper past. You may not believe it. However, I am just spending 200.000 at Pasar Senen, I can bring home 12 pieces of clothing (1 jeans, 6 jumpsuits, 2 shirts and 3 skirts). However, you have to exert in the bid price. In addition, one way to get low prices is to buy 2-3 pieces of clothing / goods in one place. They usually will give you a cheaper price.

How is the quality of the vintage dress secondhand at pasar senen?
In this place, you must be smart in choosing quality. You must be careful in choosing a dress that will be purchased. If there are stains, try to check whether the stain will be washed out and lost. Keep the goods we buy in good condition. If the clothes are not necessarily ugly tangle. Sometimes, there are still brand new and still price tag. So quite right? You can get the "new" vintage dress with the super duper cheap price. Sometimes, we can get branded dress.

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